PFC remblokken

Performance Friction remblokken zijn de maatstaf voor op het circuit. 90 % van de rijders uit het WK Superbike en British Superbike vertrouwt op deze remblokken.

De remvoering is gemaakt van Carbon Metallic wat bestand is tegen zeer hoge temperaturen waardoor de remwerking onder alle omstandigheden zeer constant blijft. Tevens zijn Performace Friction remblokken 50 % lichter dan de standaard remblokken, wat zeer belangrijk is aangezien dit onafgeveerd gewicht is.

Performance Friction pads provide the stopping power, extended wear, noise reduction and driver control you want.
Carbon Metallic® pad compounds—more than a dozen formulations specific to each vehicle—give you the optimum performance combination, the ultimate in stopping power and fade-free performance.

The metallic elements in our pad material dramatically improve braking. Carbon provides stability at elevated temperatures, making the pad less likely to deform and deteriorate. All our pads are made to withstand thehottest temperatures, ranging between 572°F and 1472°F (300°C and 800°C).

We don't just copy OE - We Make it Better
No Federal performance standards for aftermarket brake pads currently exist. But we strive to exceed the Federal standards (FMVSS 105 and 135) set for OE on all of our brake pads.

At Performance Friction, we’re dedicated to providing you the absolute best technology in our application-specific linings.